Hawaii born. California raised. Adopted Texan. Hula dancer.
User Experience Manager in the financial services industry.

Christine Imaizumi

User Experience Design & Product Strategy

I started my career in fast-paced, successful startups and brought those lean methods into creating and executing the next generation of enterprise products. I'm constantly growing as a leader and enjoy building and mentoring high performing design teams.

I enjoy the pitch, the purpose and the push that comes along with refocusing enterprise culture towards design and innovative thinking.

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Visual Design




My Expertise

I enjoy bringing enterprise-level solutions into their next phase. Through the bumps, bruises and changes, I've helped bring corporate products to their full potential, broadening their market and increasing user adoption.

Product Strategy

It's never easy getting to the next step; bringing established products into a modern, changing world takes finesse, persistence and tact. Through the years, I've witnessed the exciting increase for user-centric design in all products and the mobile revolution fueled the need and expectation for crisp, friendly interfaces in all of our daily applications. Applying a user-centered thought process to applications isn't just the responsbility of a designer, but everyone involved in the product development lifecycle.

Lean UX Design and Development

Following a lean approach to design and development keeps the design process and product evolution moving in the right direction. Often deemed as "too light" for a corporate environment, it's best to fail early and often than release a product with low visibility to its actual customers.

Design Research

When my family and dogs are fast asleep, it's design, art and dance that keeps me up at night. Recently, I've dove into researching and presenting on culturally-conscious design; shedding Western norms of interface design.


Word on the Street

A few words from clients and colleagues.

Pradeep R.

VP, Global Products & Brands, Fareportal

Christine is a professional visual/interaction designer extraordinaire. She could take vague concepts and quickly bring them to life in inspiring detail. Her screen layouts and designs were modern, clean and designed to delight the user. In addition to her obvious design skills, she brought a personal, easy-going camaraderie that made her a joy to have on the team. She is the ultimate team-player – cheerful, committed and caring for all and every task on the team. I'm happy to endorse her skills and provide references.

Hal R.

Experienced Business Leader, Entrepreneur

This is my second opportunity to work with Christine-and I'd do it again in a heart beat! She thrives in a start-up/early stage environment having incredible work ethic, team skills and the ability to apply her creative and development abilities in a business context. She focuses on finding executable business solutions and has an excellent combination of both creative design skills and a good grasp of development concepts. Wow!.

Alicia G.

Director, Sabre Corpation

Christine came in and rescued a project that was having difficulty and picked up tasks that were beyond the stated scope of her responsibilities. She worked closely with my project manager and developers to get the designs, css and html in great shape for the development work to continue. Can't say enough good things about Christine and her support of my team at this critical time!

Bruce R.

VP Product Strategy, Fulton Financial

Christine has been a major contributor to the success of vPromos. She is a real professional and she delivers high quality work on time and within budget. Christine also keeps everyone informed about the status of her work.

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